Think you might like some help?

Send me a no-commitment query at Or fill out the contact form.

Summarize what you’re writing, what stage you’re at, what you’re thinking you’d like help with. I’ll respond with any further questions as well as information about rates and process.

The hourly rate for coaching varies with the assignment. The rate is not low (though it’s not LAWYER-high!), but you’ll never make a long-term commitment. If you want to try it, we’ll settle on a defined task you’d like me to do and a small number of initial hours you’re comfortable paying for – say, five to 10.

I’ll give you some feedback using those hours, and then it’s up to you whether to continue. Some writers take those first suggestions and go, while others keep coming back for years.

Take care, and write well. Hope to hear from you someday.



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